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Laser Peening Success Stories

Laser peening has proven its effectiveness in many industries on various components. The components consist of a large array of sizes, geometries, and materials. To learn about the success and effects of laser peening in specific applications, click on one of the links below.



Mobile Laser Peening – Extending the Service Life of the F-22

Challenges: The laser peening of a large stationary work piece, such as an F-22 at a customer site, creates a number of significant technology challenges listed below.

  • Need for a mobile, self-contained laser source.
  • Need for a portable beam transport system between the laser and the work pieceA method of accurately scanning the beam in precise patterns across the component

Solution: CWST was able to find solution to all the above challenges by developing a transportable laser system. 

Successful Nuclear Canister Storage Program

Challenge: Prevention of Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) in the welds of the canisters.
Solution: CWST contributed to the successful launch of a new manufacturing process for Multi-Purpose Canisters that hold spent nuclear fuel.