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Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies

Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies (CWST) is a leading global provider of highly engineered surface treatments and analytical services that help prevent premature failures including fatigue, corrosion, wear, galling and fretting to enable designs to achieve their maximum potential.

Utilizing our 70+ years of experience and our network of 65 facilities in 16 countries, we offer a diverse range of quality surface treatments which includes shot peening, laser peening, engineered coatings, material testing and analysis. Our proven surface treatments meet industry demands for lighter materials, improved performance and life extension in key markets such as aerospace, chemical, automotive, energy, medical and general engineering.

Building on the unique heritage of Glenn Curtiss and the Wright brothers, Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies has a long tradition of providing innovative, metal improvement solutions and building solid and trusted customer relationships.

Under the recent ‘One Curtiss-Wright’ initiative all the material surface treatment companies were brought together under the umbrella of Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies, including Metal Improvement Company.  These companies continue to trade under their existing company name and include Metal Improvement Company, Bolt’s Metallizing, Component Coating and Repair Services, E/M Coating Services, Everlube Products, F W Gartner Thermal Spraying, Para Tech Coating, IMR Test Labs

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shot peening

Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies (“CWST”) is an industry leader in shot peening, a cold working process in which small spherical media called shot bombard the surface of a part. Let us connect you with the best local facility for all of your onsite or in house shot peening needs. Read More | Find a facility

laser Peening

Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies operates laser peening facilities in the United States and the United Kingdom. For large stationary parts, our Mobile Laser Peening Facility enables application of the laser peening technology at the customer’s site. Read More | Find a facility

Coating services

We can help you select the right coatings to meet your design challenges, lower the cost of ownership or enhance the performance of your products. Selection of the proper coating can enable the use of less expensive metals, improve part wear life and reduce maintenance costs. Read More | Find a facility

Analytical services

Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies currently offers independent laboratory testing services through our IMR Test Labs subsidiary. Materials Testing aids in the raw material selection and validation processes during the design phase for a component. Read More | Find a facility

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Throughout the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies’ first priority is to protect the health and safety of our employees, customers and visitors.

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