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FW Gartner Thermal Spraying


FW Gartner, a Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies business unit, is a globally connected, locally focused provider of a broad range of thermal spray and cladding technologies. The company’s core competency is developing, optimizing, and applying coatings and overlays that protect, enable, or restore aerospace and industrial components across various industries, often in critical service environments. FW Gartner is ISO 9001:2015 certified with TUV Rheinland of North America.

FW Gartner Services

At FW Gartner we pride ourselves on having been leaders of process and materials development in the thermal spray and surface engineering fields since their inception. Keeping pace with emerging technologies is an integral component in the growth of our business. We continuously explore and exploit any benefits that new technology or process developments may have for our clientele. Our Research and Development works with both civilian and military organizations.

FW Gartner Benefits

  • In-House Metallurgical Laboratory
  • Manufacturing Support
  • Reduction of Downtime
  • Decreased Wear and Component Replacement Cycles
  • Turnkey Services
  • Strict Quality Maintenance
  • Reduced Cost
  • Increase Component Life and Reliability
  • Proven Process & Materials Design
  • Knowledgeable, Experience Team Members
  • Accuraspray “real time” Spray Parameter Development Tool
  • Cooperative Arrangements with Feedstock & Equipment Manufacturers
  • Proficiency in Surface Engineering
  • Proficiency in Pre and Post Processing Techniques
  • Utilized and Trusted by Civilian and Military R&D Organizations

About FW Gartner

A proud member of the CWST family, FW Gartner has been servicing and providing cutting-edge industrial coating solutions to a wide range of industries since 1923.

Our Houston, TX client base includes some of the largest multinationals in the world, expanding the demand for our services and technologies to the global stage.

Our unique combination of capabilities and broad product offering provide a logical solution to many OEM and O&R application requirements.

As the market has evolved, we have diligently and relentlessly adapted our business to be highly capable and responsive to our customers’ needs.

Optimizing surface properties for new and ever more demanding applications continues to challenge our customers. FW Gartner is a strategic partner with its clients in developing new materials and processes to satisfy these emerging needs.

Let us take the pain out of developing your custom application solution by keeping all pre, post, and evaluation processes under one roof. FW Gartner is the one reliable partner you need, with an established track record in its field, providing all these services in one convenient location.

FW Gartner – Contact Details

25 Southbelt Industrial Drive, Houston, Texas 77047 Phone no: 888-439-4872 (toll free)