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About Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies


Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies maintains a global network of facilities that perform treatments to enable components operating in harsh environments to last longer and perform better. Components that experience fatigue, corrosion, and heat while in commercial aerospace, defense, power generation, oil and gas, ground transportation, and general industrial applications benefit from our services. We perform most of our processes on original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, and often, OEMs specify these services as proprietary production processes.

Our Technologies Include:

  • Shot Peening – The shot peening process imparts a beneficial compressive stress layer on the surface that improves the fatigue resistance and durability of the part. Shot peening is also effective in shaping the complex aerodynamic curvatures of the wing skins of commercial aircraft.
  • Laser Peening – Our most technically advanced surface treatment service for attaining the highest level of fatigue protection for mission-critical components. This process induces beneficial compressive stresses that are four times deeper than can be achieved by traditional metal treatment processes.
  • Engineered Coatings – We maintain a diversified portfolio of specialty coatings for protecting parts against degradation. Our thermal spray coatings & solid film lubricants provide thermal barrier protection, abrasion, erosion resistance, and high-temperature oxidation and corrosion resistance. Finally, our parylene coatings provide functional lubricity properties, moisture barrier resistance, and biocompatibility.
  • Material Testing & Analysis – Our analytical service portfolio includes failure analysis and mechanical and chemical testing to ensure the integrity of the design and manufacturing processes for critical metal, ceramic, and composite components. Failure analysis also helps identify and solve surface treatment issues.

Our commitment to quality has earned the company numerous OEM approvals in the aerospace, automotive, chemical, marine, agricultural, mining, and medical industries in addition to FAA, CAA, JAR, and ISO 9001:2015 approvals as might be appropriate at individual facilities.

Our History

Our proud history dates back to 1929 when the Wright Brothers and Glen Curtiss founded the Curtiss-Wright Corporation. Metal Improvement Company was established in 1946 and acquired by Curtiss-Wright in 1968. Under the recent ‘One Curtiss-Wright’ initiative, all the material surface treatment companies were brought together under the umbrella of Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies, including the Metal Improvement Company. These companies continue to trade under their existing company name and include: