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FW Gartner Thermal SprayingFW Gartner, a business unit of Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies, is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, MIL-STD 1627A and Nadcap (AC7004) (AC7109) accredited business. Globally connected, but locally focused provider of a broad range of thermal spray and cladding technologies. The company’s core competency is the development, optimization and application of coatings and overlays that protect, enable or restore aerospace and industrial components across a range of industries, often in critical service environments.

FW Gartner’s facilities also have on-site grinding capabilities and an extensive metallographic laboratory. By utilizing a worldwide network of partnerships and affiliations with other thermal spray coating and laser cladding providers, we are able to support OEMs on a global scale.

A proud member of the CWST family, FW Gartner has been servicing and providing cutting edge industrial coating solutions to a wide range of industries since 1923. Our Houston, TX client base includes some of the largest multinationals in the world, expanding the demand for our services and technologies to the global stage. Our unique combination of capabilities and broad product offering provide a logical solution to many OEM and O&R application requirements. As the market has evolved, we have diligently and relentlessly adapted our business to be highly capable and responsive to our customers’ needs.

The optimization of surface properties for new and ever more demanding applications continues to challenge our customers. FW Gartner is a strategic partner with its clients in the development of new materials and processes to satisfy these emerging needs.


25 Southbelt Industrial Drive, Houston, Texas 77047
Phone no: 888-439-4872 (toll free)

Services Offered by FW Gartner

Our thermal spray (HVOF, Plasma, Arc and Combustion Spray), Laser and PTA cladding solutions, supported by our in-house laboratory, and an extensive machining and finishing capability, can provide a broad range of manufacturing support as well as greatly reduce downtime, wear and component replacement cycles. FW Gartner can also offer comprehensive machining and grinding capabilities as part of their turnkey services. By strictly maintaining quality and providing innovative solutions, FW Gartner has enabled its clientele to increase component life and improve reliability while reducing downtime and cost. This was the key to our success through most of the twentieth century; it continues today and will to define FW Gartner into the future.

Thermal Spray: Providing thermal management, corrosion, wear and erosion for component protection and repair of power generation components and many more parts from other industries including Mining, Oil and Gas, Refining, and Aerospace.

  • Atmospheric Plasma Spray (APS)
  • High Velocity Oxy Fuel (HVOF)
  • Flame Spray
  • Electric Arc
  • Spray & Fuse

Laser & PTA Cladding/Hardfacing: Outer diameter & inner diameter cladding to enhance surface technology. These technologies help with corrosion, wear and erosion for component protection and repair of components from industries including Mining, Oil and Gas, Refining, and Aerospace.

Spherical Grinding & Lapping: Developed to produce very accurate spherical surfaces on a variety of components and materials. Spherical tolerance accuracy to within 1 micron is obtained on scratch-free, mirror finish high-quality surfaces.

Research and Development: We pride ourselves on being leaders of process and materials development in the thermal spray and surface engineering fields.

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