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Parylene Coating Methods


There are different types of Parylene Coating methods. Comparison between Fixed vs Tumble Parylene coating methods.

Fixture vs. Tumble Coating

Fixtured Coating

Parts such as printed circuit boards, medical components and other assemblies that require selective Parylene coverage must be masked before coating to restrict exposure to the polymerizing gas in the vacuum chamber. Parts are then placed in fixtures that hold them in place during the coating cycle and provide the optimum combination of chamber loading and exposure to the monomer gas.

Tumble Coating

Unfixtured, high quantity and uniform components that do not require masking can be placed in a rotating cylinder sealed within the coating system vacuum chamber. The components are kept in motion throughout the deposition cycle, allowing the polymerizing gas to reach and coat all surfaces evenly. Multiple component types can be treated simultaneously in this manner without sorting or isolation.