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Shot Peening Success Stories for Chemical & Petrochemical

Shot peening has proved its effectiveness in extending the service life and enhancing the performance of metal components by protecting them against fatigue, fretting fatigue, stress corrosion cracking and a variety of other failure mechanisms. Following are some of these success stories for chemical and petrochemical applications:

  • Chemical Handling Equipment
  • Offshore Steel Structures

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Fabrication of Chemical Handling Equipment

Shot peening has been utilized as a cost savings measure for construction of chemical handling equipment. In cases where ammonia or chloride based solutions were to be contained, a lower cost Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) susceptible material was selected with shot peening rather than a more expensive non-SCC-susceptible material. Even with the additional shot peening operation, construction costs were less than using the more expensive alloy. The table demonstrates the effectiveness of shot peening in combating SCC for those stainless steel alloys listed. A load stress equivalent to 70% of the materials yield strength was applied.

Fatigue of Offshore Steel Structures

A Norwegian research program concluded that the combination of weld toe grinding and shot peening gave the largest improvement in the life of an offshore steel structure. This corresponds to more than a 100% increase in the as-welded strength at one million cycles. Other research shows that the improvement in weld fatigue strength from shot peening increases in proportion to the yield strength of the parent metal.