Peentex (tm)

Peentex is a decorative textured architectural finish applied by controlled shot peening which can be used on any metal.
A surface with a Peentex finish is peened per the customer’s specification to produce an appealing aesthetic effect. Designers and architects have specified the use of the Peentex process on internationally known structures such as the Statue of Liberty, the Louvre and the Dublin Spire.


Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies has used the Peentex process to texture a variety of architectural metals including stainless steel, aluminum, and bronze. Our computer controlled equipment is capable of processing metal sheets up to 10-feet-wide by 100-feet-long. We also have the capability to add textures to small irregular shapes.

Architectural Peening



  • Internal & external cladding and fittings
  • Signage and nameplates
  • Hand rails 
  • Countertops, reception, desks, etc.
  • Street furniture
  • Sculptures and monuments 
  • Metal and glass decoration 
  • Welded frames and structures
  • General construction
  • Ideal for high traffic areas 
  • Harder surface finish on metals 
  • Improves wear/damage tolerance 
  • Improved resistance to scratches 
  • Makes surfaces easier to clean 
  • Resistance to written graffiti and stickers
  • Disguises fingerprints and mild blemishes
  • Non-directional finish
  • Creates highly decorative mirror designs and finishes

Examples of projects using Peentex application

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