On-site Shot Peening

CWST can perform on-site shot peening of large components whose sizes exceed shipping limitations or which are installed on their foundations. Our field crews perform on-site shot peening worldwide to the same quality standards as our processing centers. We utilize almen strips, proper coverage and certified peening media to achieve the same high level of quality in our on-site shot peening projects.

On-site shot peening projects

Examples of on-site shot peening projects that CWST Company has performed successfully include:

  • Welded fabrications (pressure vessels, crusher bodies, ship hulls, chemical storage tanks, bridges)
  • Repaired components assembled on aircraft (wing sections, landing gear, other dynamically loaded components)
  • Aircraft overhaul repair and corrosion removal
  • Power plant components (heat exchanger tubing, turbine casings, rotating components, large fans)
  • Plastic pellet transfer facilities for directional peening
  • Miscellaneous processing plants (steel mills, paper mills, mining facilities)

Through our on-site capability,  we can help customers avoid the logistics and costs of shipping oversize equipment, while helping minimize the down time of this equipment. 

Controlled Shot Peening
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