PeentexTM Architectural Peening

Peentex is a decorative textured architectural finish applied by controlled shot peening which can be used for architectural finishing’s on metal, glass, wood and acrylic

The Peentex architectural peening process, applies a texture to the surface of decorative and structural architectural metals to create unique, visually appealing aesthetic effects. Designers and architects have specified the use of the Peentex process on internationally known historic structures such as the Statue of Liberty, the Louvre and the Dublin Spire.


Curtiss-Wright has used the Peentex process to texture a variety of metals including stainless steel, aluminum, bronze and other architectural metals. Our computer controlled automatic equipment is capable of processing metal sheets up to 10-feet-wide by 100-feet-long. We also have the capability to add textures to smaller irregular shapes through the use of Peentex.

Applications and benefits of Peentex finishing

Peentex surface texturing also has practical uses for high traffic areas as the finish diffuses direct light and glare disguising fingerprints and mild blemishes as well as giving a higher degree of wear and damage tolerance.  It is also non-directional so ideally suited for welded joint and frames, giving the weld bead a more uniform appearance.

In addition to a textured finish, the Peentex process provides the following additional benefits to space frames and other structural components:

  • Increased fatigue life
  • Resistance to stress corrosion cracking
  • Resistance to fretting fatigue
  • Stress relief for weld areas.

Examples of projects using Peentex application


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