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Parylene Conformal Coatings

Parylene conformal coating is suitable for metals, elastomers, electronics and plastics and used extensively in the automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical industries. It is an ultra-thin film polymer coating which provides a consistent pin-hole free barrier coating to all shapes, edges, crevices and recesses with same thickness without suffering any of the edge effects of conventional coatings.

Applications of Parylene Conformal Coating

Parylene Benefits in Brief

  • Complete Surface Conformability
  • Pinhole and Stress Free Application
  • Dielectric and Moisture Barrier
  • Ruggedized Purpose
  • Superior Electrical Insulation
  • Low Dielectric Constant
  • Biocompatibility and Bio-Stability (can be sterilized)
  • Optical Clarity
  • Zero Outgassing of Volatile Chemicals

Parylene Coating Process

Curtiss-Wright Parylene Services offers important coating technology options that are not available from any other Parylene coating service provider. These alternatives make it possible for our production team to tune the vacuum deposition process so as to meet the specialized requirements of each coating task.

For example, the vacuum deposition sequence can be regulated either by means of chamber pressure management, or by stepped time and temperature control. The best method for a given coating task is determined on the basis of multiple factors that include chamber load and substrate geometry as well as CWST’s extensive process experience across a wide range of applications.

Another process option is the availability of two distinct coating chamber designs. In one case, monomer flow is directed tangentially to the chamber load using a proprietary fixture design to enhance diffusion and coating uniformity while minimizing raw material consumption. Another second configuration makes use of variable aperture plates below the fixtured parts, and these plates are pre-adjusted on the basis of the volume and geometry of each chamber load to achieve uniform and effective deposition.

Our coating specialists have long process experience and process management expertise, enabling them to select the optimal approach to meet application requirements quickly and efficiently.

Value of Parylene Conformal Coating

  • The Parylene process does not include a liquid phase, thus coating will not pool in low areas, bridge across substrate features, or exhibit liquid properties such as meniscus or capillary action.
  • Parylene film is a pure, polycrystalline and amorphous linear polymer distinguished by superior dielectric, gas barrier and mechanical properties, giving it the ability to meet coating requirements in very thin layers.
  • Low static and dynamic coefficients of friction, giving it dry film lubricity that can be valuable for some applications.
  • The room-temperature deposition process makes Parylene suitable for many substrates, including ferrites, rubbers, silicone elastomers, paper, resins, plastics, silicon, metals and even on granular materials.
  • Since Parylene is highly effective in very thin coatings, delicate substrates such as electronic sensors or diaphragms can be protected without significant mechanical or loading effects.
Parylene Conformal Coating

We offer three (3) commercial Parylene variants with unique electrical and physical properties. We will advise and help you select the most suitable variant and process for your unique product needs.

Applications for Parylene coatings



  • Catheters
  • Mandrels
  • Sensors
  • Ultrasound transducers
  • Guide wires
  • Needles
  • Epidural probes
  • Elastomer components such as Silicone and latex components
  • For medical devices requiring biomedical compatibility and barrier protection against biofluids, moisture and chemicals.
  • Also acts as a dry film lubricant with a coefficient of friction measurement that approaches that of TEFLON®.
  • Parylene type N is typically used in applications requiring this type of releasability or dry film lubricant.



  • Circuit board
  • Even and consistent barrier coating which does not pull away from the edges or exhibit meniscus forces.
  • Excellent dielectric strength.
  • Resistant to humidity and practically insoluble in all known organic and inorganic solvents including acid and alkali.

Wire Wound Device


  • Magnets
  • Wire wound ferrite cores
  • Powdered ferrite cores
  • Elimination of abrasion damage to the wire along with uniform coating thickness
  • Maximum winding window.
  • Low water vapour transmission provides excellent corrosion protection.
  • Eliminates magnetostrictive or permeability problems.



  • Elastomer components
  • Rubber keyboard and controls
  • Conforms to surface features including internal dimensions of holes.
  • Strong surface adhesion and elasticity.
  • Removes elastomer tack and protect against dirt, oils, petrochemicals and solvents.
  • Protects printed legends from wear.

The unique Parylene polymer series was isolated by a research chemist in the late 1940s at the University of Manchester in England. Union Carbide Corporation scientist William Gorham later developed a deposition process to apply the film, and Union Carbide commercialized the material and process. CWST Para Tech Coating, purchased licensing for this coating process in 1968, and subsequently developed and patented several important enhancements that optimize performance, consistency and reliability of Parylene vacuum deposition coating.

We offer IPC-CC-830 and USP Class VI approved Parylene dimer. Dimers are the key raw materials used in the Parylene coating process. We are parylene coating supplier and additionally offer commercial Parylene variants, each with its own unique electrical and physical properties. We assist and advise you to the best and most suitable variant to use for your unique product. Learn more

Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies can provide spare parts, critical components, and materials for the operation of Parylene coating machines. Our expert team can provide technical support to trouble shoot and repair coating equipment.

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