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E/M Coating Services

E/M Coating Services has over 40 years of experience in applying critical tolerance coatings. And a pioneer in the development and application of solid film lubricant (SFL) coatings. With its network of five U.S. facilities, it is the largest applicator of solid film lubricant coatings in North America. Some of the additional facilities in Evesham, U.K.; Unna, Germany and Tianjin & Suzhou, China apply a broad range of SFL and other coatings to steel, titanium and aluminum substrates.

E/m Coating Services

Solid film lubricant coatings are effective in applications where conventional wet lubricants provide insufficient protection. The protection from high temperatures, extreme loads, wear or corrosion. Some of the solid film lubricant coatings applied by E/M Coating Services are Microseal®, Everlube®, Ever-Slik®, Lube-Lok®, Lubri-Bond®, Flurene® and Perma-Slik®.

E/M Coating Services also applies other coatings that provide performance-enhancing benefits. Such as corrosion protection, wear resistance, electrical insulation, electromagnetic shielding and chemical agent resistance. These coatings can be powder or liquid coatings such as PTFE, Xylan®, Epoxy, Polyester or Urethane. Our facilities have numerous OEM approvals for the application of coatings to aerospace, automotive and other industrial components, in addition to FAA, Nadcap and ISO 9001/9002 approvals that might be required at individual facilities. We can assist you in selecting the right coating to meet your design challenge, lower the cost of ownership or enhance the performance and longevity of your products. Selection of the proper coating can facilitate the use of less expensive metals, improve part wear life and reduce maintenance costs.Services 

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