FW Gartner Thermal Spraying

FW Gartner Thermal Spraying, a business unit of Curtiss Wright Surface Technologies, is an ISO9001:2008 certified, globally connected, but locally focused provider of a broad range of thermal spray and cladding technologies. Core competencies include: Optimization and application of coatings and overlays that protect, enable or restore industrial components across a range of industries, often in critical service environments, as well as development.

Additionally, FW Gartner’s facilities include on-site grinding capabilities and an extensive metallographic laboratory. FW Gartner’s facilities utilize a worldwide network of partnerships and affiliations with other thermal spray coating and laser cladding providers, and through these relationships, we are able to support OEMs on an International basis.


HVOFThermal Spray HVOF and HVAF Wear Coatings, including Tungsten Carbide and Chromium Carbide. HVOF coating systems were developed in order to produce coatings with superior bond strength, higher density and higher hardness than other spray processes. Using HVOF, an oxygen-fuel mixture is continuously fed under pressure into a combustion chamber where gases are ignited and channeled into a nozzle. Material is introduced axially or radially into the combustion stream and accelerated onto the substrate at velocities up to 7000 feet per second. The HVAF technology uses compressed air as a source for the oxygen, which enables it to apply very dense coatings with a more economical process.

HVOF Video

Laser CladdingLaser Cladding

The laser cladding process is essentially a welding process utilizing a controllable laser beam as its heat source.  This technology allows for complete metallurgical bonding with minimal HAZ (heat affected zone) and dilution, along with a reduction in other undesirable side effects such as oxidation and decarburization. FW Gartner uses laser cladding to recover, or even enhance, the mechanical properties of a component or substrate. The process has the ability to clad/weld very thin sections, edges, and complex geometries with an overlay that is metallurgically superior to the substrate.

Laser Cladding Video

Spray & Fuse

Spray & FuseThe “Spray and Fuse” method is a thermal spray process where the material is first sprayed, and then subsequently fused to provide a completely dense, metallurgically bonded coating (bond strengths in excess of 50,000 psi), making it uniquely suited to the most demanding applications. The nature of the process requires significant operator skill, and FW Gartner has more experience in this area than any company in the world.

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