Coating Services

Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies can help you select the right coatings to meet your design challenges, lower the cost of ownership or enhance the performance of your products. Selection of the proper coating can enable the use of less expensive metals, improve part wear life and reduce maintenance costs.

The E/M Coating Services business unit has over 40 years of experience in applying critical tolerance coatings and is a pioneer in solid film lubrication coating processes. The parylene coating facilities in CA, CT, WI and Galway, Ireland specialize in medical device and printed circuit board applications.

The CWST Thermal Spraying, FW Gartner and Bolts Metallizing business units in AZ, CT, MA, SC and TX apply HVOF, HVAF and plasma thermal spray coatings for flight and industrial gas turbine applications as well as tungsten and chrome carbide wear coatings utilized in Oil & Gas, Mining, Steel Mill and other demanding industrial markets. FW Gartner also provides Laser Cladding and PTA welding services on new and service run parts for components operating in severe service environments.

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