Additive manufacturing Post Processing

CWST has developed additive manufacturing post processes which have several benefits. 

Additive manufacturing (AM) is a rapidly growing industry, the technology has grown from a rapid prototyping solution into mainstream production of high complexity components. Multiple parts that once needed to be designed for manufacture and fitted together to form a complex assembly can often be replaced by a single AM produced component with none of the same design constraints. These new generation methods often lead to savings in weight, efficiency and lead time.

Benefits of Additive Manufacturing Post Processing

CWST has developed Post AM processes to:

  • Improve surface finish and surface characterization
  • Improve component cleanliness
  • Remove support structures
  • Remove sintered surface
  • Surface compression and densification
  • Management of residual stresses
  • Improve fatigue life

Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies are happy to engage at the design and development stages to help ensure that parts are designed with economical post processing in mind.
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